Shoreham Aikido Club
Shoreham Aikido Club

Help to get you started...

We encourage a relaxed, friendly but serious atmosphere for training. To help us do so, it is necessary to follow some guidelines that will ensure curtsey, respect and safety for everyone at all times.


For your first class here are some general rules to observe:



Wear loose clothing without zippers. A t-shirt or sweatshirt and loose trousers (track pants) are ideal. NEVER wear shoes on the mat. Try to be on time for class.


Safety & Hygiene


  • Keep clean and free of offensive odours
  • Make sure your feet are clean so that you don not bring dirt or small objects onto the mat
  • Wear slippers after changing and at all times when not on the mat
  • Remove watches and jewellery before training
  • Keep finger and toe nails trimmed
  • Make sure all cuts and bruises are bandaged or taped properly
  • Let the instructors know if you have recently had an injury or illness

Before & after Practice

Please try to arrive early to help put out the mats for training and at the end of class please help to put them away


If you are late

Please enter quietly in order not to disturb those practicing, wait until you are signalled to join the class


During Practice

Proper respect and discipline should be maintained at all times.

Let the instructors know if you need to leave the mat for any reason.




Download, fill in and bring a Membership Form to your first class






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