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Why Sport Aikido?


Regular Aikido practise offers more than just physical and mental development.


Life-long friendships, social contacts and business networking are made with people all over the world with you having a common bond... Aikido.


Stand out from the crowd and become a part of an international community and group that offers you the strength, security and resources to succeed in LIFE.

Aikido training is an excellent program for developing physical fitness,

strength, flexibility & suppleness, as well as posture and co-ordination.


With Aikido training the body and mind are not separate.

Practitioners learn to face conflict both mentally and physically,

to be relaxed yet alert, to yield or be firm, to give and take,

to persevere and overcome.


Ultimately, lessons learnt from Aikido training transfer to daily life.

Self-confidence builds, mental alertness, and the ability to focus and

concentrate, as well as relax develop. With the additional benefit of

good health to enjoy a better life!


How Training in Martial Arts Can Further Your Career?


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