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Shoreham Aikido Club

Progress FASTER with on-line learning support

Unique to SSAC, is the e-learning support that we offer our members!

Accumulated from over 20 years of training, it contains a wealth of resources
for both students and instructors to help develop their Aikido skill and teaching.
It includes videos with key points, articles, web resources, training drills and covers everything from basics and syllabus work, to fitness, randori and competition training.


This on-line support is not meant as a replacement to attending regular classes but to compliment what you have learnt from your instructors. It is by no means complete and is always being continually updated.


Instructors are more than welcome to use and adapt the information and exercises contained, but please give acknowledgement to the source.


Equally, if you would like to contribute to developing this source just contact us, as we are always happy to have other contributors.


We are open to requests to develop sections sooner, just contact us, but please be patient! 


E-Learning Contents

Not a SSAC member?

You don't train at SSAC... Why?


No worries! For access, just contact us to become an on-line member*.


(*Small annual membership fee applies)






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